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Aging America: The Iceberg Dead Ahead
This article by Thomas Lynch in the Spring 2009 IAIABC Journal discusses how America’s increasingly aging workforce will significantly change the face of workers’ compensation and will overwhelm the nation’s entitlement programs, specifically Social Security, SSDI and Medicare over the next decade. Lynch makes the case that neither states, the federal government, or insurers are adequately prepared for the claims and cost identified problems and offers recommendations to address these problems.   [more]

Niche Business-to-Business Weblogs Gaining Traction
Nation’s First Insurance Weblog - Workers Comp Insider - Marks Two-Year Anniversary

There are more than 17 million weblogs on the web, but businesses have been slow to join the ranks of bloggers. Some niche business-to-business weblog communities are evolving. Workers Comp Insider launched the nation’s first insurance blog two years ago, and since that time, a network of insurance-related blogs has emerged.   [more]

Workers Comp Insider Named "Best of the Web"
Workers Comp Insider (www.workerscompinsider.com), a weblog produced by Lynch, Ryan & Associates, has earned a "Best of the Web" designation in the 4th annual Best of the Web report issued by Business Insurance. The site was named in the category of "safety and loss control" services.   [more]

Good Grief! Does Our Future Lie in California?
This article by Thomas Lynch (The Journal of Workers Compensation, Winter 2004) examines the pre-reform California workers compensation dilemma. It presents an overview of the historic underpinnings of the workers compensation system, identifies some of the forces that led to system breakdown, and suggests that the answer to the problems - for employers in California and elsewhere - lies not in the legislatures or the courts but in the workplace.  [more]

Lynch Ryan and The Renaissance Group Form Service Partnership
Tom Lynch, founder and CEO of Lynch Ryan, Inc. announced that the firm has entered into a service agreement with The Renaissance Plan. As part of this agreement, Lynch Ryan will deliver their signature workers’ compensation cost reduction services to employers who are clients of the Renaissance Plan and its network of agents and brokers. [more]

Lynch Ryan Opens New Office in Wellesley
Thomas Lynch, founder and CEO of Lynch Ryan, Inc. announced today that the firm has opened a service office in Wellesley, Mass. to better serve its client base. The new office will be located at 981 Worcester Street, Wellesley, MA 02482. The telephone number is 781-431-0458. [more]

Thomas Lynch Issues Opinion on Proposed Massachusetts Rate Increases
Every two years, the insurance industry, represented by the Workers' Compensation Rating and Inspection Bureau, is required to submit a rate filing to the Commissioner of Insurance. The State Rating Bureau, a unit within the Division of Insurance, then offers its own filing, usually a dissenting view, about where rates ought to go. After hearings, the Commissioner of Insurance issues a ruling. It's usually a simple game of insider baseball. But this year, things are different [more]