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Expand services to your members.

Today, workers compensation costs are once again one of the biggest headaches facing many employers. Workers compensation insurance costs are skyrocketing for those employers who are lucky enough to secure coverage on the open market. Many employers have no choice but to turn to state-sponsored Assigned Risk Pools to secure any coverage at all. Lynch Ryan can help your members to implement worksite programs that will help them to minimize losses and maximize controls. By maximizing controls, your members will be better positioned to weather the volatility in workers compensation pricing cycles.

Develop value-added services to attract new members and retain old ones.

To attract new members, associations need to expand their activities to include support where theirmembers need it most: in risk and loss management.

Revitalize your operations to generate new interest and energy among your members.

We bring high profile issues and stimulating discussion to your members. Using existing forums of regional/annual meetings, dinner speaking engagements, etc, our speakers never fail to generate an enthusiastic response and a high-energy discussion.